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Blue Line Legal Defense was founded to provide the men and women of law enforcement with the absolute best legal defense available.  In today’s evolving society, law enforcement is suffering a new onslaught of public scrutiny and administrative, civil, and criminal review.  When the police need legal representation, it helps to understand the practical aspects of law enforcement as well as the administrative and criminal investigations that occur after a critical incident.  

We have done extensive research into the field of critical incident amnesia (fight or flight physiological responses) and taken that understanding to create a legal defense model for law enforcement officers involved in shootings and other high stress uses of force.  This defense method focuses on protecting officers against the various professional, criminal, and civil liabilities involved with releasing criminal and internal investigation statements.  This defense method will help protect your career, assets, and family’s future.  

To read more about our critical incident amnesia research and critical incident defense strategy for law enforcement, click on the link below.

Navigating the Rock and the Whirlpool
Managing Critical Incident Investigations and Garrity

Download a full copy of the article here: Garrity.pdf

Sullivan Law Office, PLLC is proud to be affiliated with the following law enforcement professional liability insurance carriers:  

     • Professional Law Enforcement Association (PLEA)

     • Fraternal Order of Police Legal Defense Plan (FOP)

     • Peace Officers Research Association of California Legal Defense Fund (PORAC)             

We also work to protect teachers and other professional educators and are affiliated with:

     • Northwest Professional Educators (NWPE)

     • Association of American Educators (AAE)

If you do not see your insurance provider on this list, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange affiliation or provide direct representation.

Whether you’ve been involved in a critical incident or are facing an administrative investigation, Blue Line Legal Defense can help you defend against the inevitable professional, criminal, and civil liabilities.  

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